For winter here is a cool and refreshing drink that is easy to prepare. So now you know the best recipe to quench your thirst in winters. It comes from the kitchen of MUSKAAN DUA


A full course meal that is tasty and filled with nutrients. Have it for your lunch on festive occasions. Truly enjoyable with this easy recipe from MUSKAAN DUA

lassi LASSI

Lassi is the most common cool drink. It is healthy option for synthetic cool drinks and soft drinks. Made by MUSKAAN DUA

egg roll EGG ROLL

Have egg rolls as your breakfast or lunch. This is a tasty and healthy recipe you can try in your own kitchen from MUSKAAN DUA

khichdi KHICHDI

Khichdi is the best diet food. It is simple to make and nutritious to the core. Enjoy every bite of it. It comes from MUSKAAN DUA