This egg stew is what you need for a nutritious breakfast. It is a must for every egg lover. Here we come up with an easy recipe. Enjoy it as we suggest our expert CHEF CINU’s simple recipe.

This kids special egg omelette is what you need to have your children eat their lunch and stay healthy. It comes loaded with veggies making it super tasty and full of nutrients. It is easy to make just as CHEF CINU-KITCHEN DELITES guides us through.

egg paratha EGG PARATHA

This egg paratha is everyone’s favourite. Make your fussy kids eat egg in a healthy way. Follow this easy recipe from our expert chef SONAL MISHRA.

egg buttery Buttery Eggs

Here comes a tasty dish from Sonal Mishra. Buttery eggs are more than what you think. It comes to be the best dish you can make with boiled eggs.