fruit punch Fruit Punch

For the summer, here is an exceptional fruit punch recipe from our master chef SONAL MISHRA. Enjoy every drop as drink it. Filled with nutrients and all the health you need.

ps Pumpkin Soup

No regular pumpkin soup here. This definitely a tasty one you have not tried before. Follow our instructions and you are ready for a healthy feast. Trust us as we bring this special recipe from our specialist SONAL MISHRA

cream Cream Of Mushroom Soup

This is an exceptional soup. A must have in your bucket list of tasty soups. Healthy bhi tasty bhi. Add it to your diet routine. We bet it comes to be too tempting that you will want it everyday. A masterpiece from SONAL MISHRA.

delhi Delhi cuisine

Ever checked Delhi street food and cuisine??? Here are some noteworthy dishes you can try to excite your taste buds. So wait not and go north. Enjoy the beauty of Delhi food as suggested by our fav chef SONAL MISHRA.

mashed Mashed potatoes

Are you a vegan? Devour into this mashed potato and you will be healthy and fit. Tasty too, this is a specialty from our chef SONAL MISHRA. Enjoy every bite.

iced Iced tea

Iced tea for sunny afternoons. A must have if your thirsty from all the heat outside. A recipe you can make in a jiffy. Explore the mix of the ingredients. We have it from SONAL MISHRA

brocolli Vegan broccoli soup

Broccoli soups come in various forms and tastes. This one from our master chef SONAL MISHRA is a variant loved by all adults and children alike. Here is a simple and nutritious vegan recipe. Enjoy the taste.