roasted Roasted Pears

Roasted pears are the ultimate choice when it comes to a diet dish. Delicate and sweet, these pears add to your health. Enjoy a healthy evenig snack from SONAL MISHRA

one pot One-Pot Spaghetti

Searching for a diet recipe? Here comes one that is easy to prepare. Don’t wait anymore. Go ahead and cook it with your favourite ingredients. Enjoy this one pot meal from SONAL MISHRA. Enjoy it to the core.

caesar Caesar Salad

Easy Caesar salad when you are dieting. Add up all the nutrients from this masterpiece by SONAL MISHRA. E njoy munching the crispy ingredients.

cabbage Cabbage soup

The perfect diet combo comes to be a cabbage soup with all the goodness of veggies. Healthy, tasty and mouth watering. Enjoy this exceptional diet soup from our expert SONAL MISHRA.

tehri Tehri

Tehri comes to be a wholesome diet delicacy. You can enjoy it in numerous ways. Here we have an easy recipe from our expert chef SONAL MISHRA. Do try it out and let us know how you liked it.

spinach Spinach poori

Try this delicious spinach poori in your kitchen and you will find it tasty and healthy. So why wait??? Go get it right away. Happy eating from SONAL MISHRA.

Ripe mango curry from CHEF CINU – KITCHEN DELITES is what you need for a wholesome lunch. Pair it with your rice and you will enjoy the subtle flavours it comes with. Easy to make and happy to share, do try it out.