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This is the nicest addition to your snacks. It can be served with sauce or yoghurt or pickles even with aromatic milk tea (the tea you all make each day).
First of all, it’s quick, easy and righteous. It’s not spicy at all. So I’m talking about spinach poori – पालक पूड़ी. You will see it in green colour because of the spinach. People do add this beautiful tasty recipe to their daily life. It’s totally delicious. People often add this to their diet making it with boiled spinach or raw spinach after grinding, it.

Now let’s get into its elements :

• Ground spinach in one bowl.
• Celery seeds half spoon
• Salt to your taste
• Refined oil one spoon
• Wheat flour 3-4 medium-size bowl
• Water to knead the flour.

The process to make it:

• Put wheat flour, ground spinach, celery seeds, salt and refined oil (4-5 tbsp.) in a platter.
• Mix it well so it will not be lumps.
• Now mixing it well add water into it gradually as required and knead the flour.
• After kneading it you’ll get the dough in green colour.
• Now take a roller and a rolling board.
• Take a small ball of kneaded floor and make it small rounded like we make poori (पूड़ी).
• Heat the wok and add oil into it for deep frying the poori.
• Now you have to make it as you make poori as usual for your lunch dinner or breakfast.

The difference is that this is spinach flavoured poori which is delicious and quick to make.
It can be easily served with sabzi, raita, yoghurt, sauce or even with tea. It is tasty.

Benefits of spinach:

• It may prevent cancer.
• It may reduce blood sugar.
• It may assist in Good Bone Health.
• Assistance in losing weight.
• It is wholesome for the eyes.
• It reduces Hypertension.
• It Has Anti-inflammatory Properties.
• Keeps your body relaxed.
• This procedure maintains you stable from pests and bacteria that induce disease.
• It moreover upholds your body from other elements that can damage you, like venoms.
• The lush green is loaded with nutrients, but you’ll soak up additional calcium and iron if you consume it toasted.
• The reason: Spinach is compressed with oxalic acid, which halts the absorption of iron and calcium but smashes beneath under high weather.

Benefits of celery seeds:

• Celery comes rich in antioxidants. These include noted variations such as flavonoids and vitamin C, as well as lunular and bergapten.
• These and other antioxidants aid to stave off the oxidative pressure that provides to cancer.
• Celery is prosperous in a phytochemical known as phthalides.
• Maintains your kidney and urinary bladder strong.
• Celery is antiseptic and can abolish bladder illnesses, kidney crisis, and urinary infections in women.
• Helps in keeping cancer at bay: Celery encompasses phthalides, flavonoids, and polyacetylenes, which are contemplated cancer-fighting comments.

So guys do try out this stunning recipe by me. I would be glad. No need to worry about spices because they have no spices in them. Do also take a peek at our other recipes and let us know your experience. Stay safe and sound.

Last Updated on July 4, 2022

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