thai green chicken curry
thai green chicken curry

In Thai cuisine, curries play a vital part. But the Thai green curry is one of the most sought-after and popular dishes all across the world. It comes up with a vibrant color because of the additions of cilantro, makrut/kaffir lime peel and leaf, and Thai basil.
A balance of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty, this fragrant Thai green curry tastes great with Thai Jasmine rice.
But while making this recipe, make sure that you use smaller chicken pieces so that the chicken can be thoroughly cooked and soaked up all the flavors well.

Ingredients and their Proportions:

For the Paste:

• Ground coriander ½ teaspoon
• Minced lemongrass 1 stalk
• Grated ginger 1 ounce
• Minced garlic 4 cloves
• Fresh cilantro (both stems and leaves) 1 cup
• White pepper ½ teaspoon
• Coconut milk ¼ can
• Ground cumin ½ teaspoon
• Freshly squeezed lemon 1 teaspoon
• Brown sugar 1 teaspoon
• Fish sauce 2 ½
• Shrimp paste 1 teaspoon (or 1 extra tbspoon fish sauce)
• Divided, sliced green chile
• Shallot 4 tablespoons

For the Thai Chicken Curry:

• Peanut oil 2 teaspoons
• Coconut milk ¾ can
• Chicken thighs or chicken breast 1 ½ pounds
• Green or red bell pepper 1
• Small zucchini 1 or green beans 1 handful
• Kaffir lime leaves 4 (grated lime zest 1 teaspoon)


• 1 handful of Thai basil

Steps that you Need to Follow for Making It:

First, you need to make the paste. So, gather all the ingredients.
Take a food processer and put all the ingredients in it. Blend everything well until you get a smooth consistency.

Time for Making the Chicken Curry:

Gather all the ingredients.

Over medium flame, place a large skillet or a wok. Add the needed amount of peanut oil. Now time to add the paste that you have made (you can also use the store-bought Thai green curry paste). Sauté the paste for around 1-2 minutes. By that time, it will start releasing a nice aroma.

Now add coconut milk. But don’t add it all at once because you’ll need it later.

Time to add the chicken pieces. Stir it properly so that the chicken pieces are coated well with the paste. When the curry will start boiling, reduce the flame to low. Cook it for 5 to stir the curry intermittently.

While your chicken cooks, start preparing the kaffir lime leaves simply by tearing them away. Discard the central stem. You can use a scissor to cut the leaves.

Now add the peppers, zucchini, and green beans apart from lime leaves. Simmer until your veggies are well cooked. Adjust the seasoning as per your taste.

Lastly, add Thai basils to the pan and give it a quick stir.

Serve the Thai green chicken curry in a bowl, and top it with fresh basil, and coconut milk.

Enjoy it with aromatic jasmine rice.

Now you have a quick and easy to make Thai green chicken curry recipe, right? So, don’t call your local restaurant – rather impress your near and dear ones by preparing this creamy and fragrant curry.

Last Updated on September 3, 2021

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