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Hailing from a typical traditional family where effects are been decided on what to do and what not to do. Being inexorable and not bending to change I decided why not to go for something new that hadn’t been visited in my home and that was my birthday a very special day to me which no one could deny me to do anything. Who is there in this world who doesn’t like to eat. It’s the apex part to have as well as to be shared and most prominent rejoicing stuff in our lives.

Lucknow, known as the City of Nawabs, is notorious for its traditions, with range in apparel to cookery. When it comes to food, who’ll be competent to stop himself? Although I’ve been living here more then numerous times that I could count, being a pure vertebrate, I’ve enjoyed only submissive dishes to date. In which kebab paratha is my favorite, and when it comes to fast food, the mouth waters literally over many things. Because I had never eaten pizza and it was my birthday too, so giving a party to my loved ones is being differently than enjoying pizza all together.
By the way, pizza could be inaugurated in every niche and corner currently but it was going to be the first time at my home. We were agitated also a bit insecure that what if it wouldn’t be worthwhile. I downloaded the food application from play store searched for pizzas nearby. Ran on numerous results and I chose one of them “MOSASA”. I order three of their pizzas. It took half an hour nearly, I was nervous as if I am getting ready for an interview or something. The time arrived and the door knocked I went down to the gate and received it. It was in my hand finally; I was so agitated. We opened the parcel gradationally there was gravies as well as the mini sachet of parsley and chili flakes. It was three different flavoured pizzas. One was with beating mushroom, onions, cheese. The alternate one was with capsicum, onions, sludge and redundant cheese and the third one was with cheese overfilled with mushroom and onion. And I must say all three of them were splendid. It was my first time and it was so meritorious and acceptable it was like satisfying my soul.

Though fast food isn’t good for health although it isn’t as bad ones either. Everything has its limits we must adhere to it thoroughly. My chief experience with these three enchantresses was so splendid that it drove me again to taste it more and more.

I would extensively recommend MOSASA to be the stylish focus for pizza suckers. We must keep experimenting with our deeds and always come up with new commodities that will appeal to us.
I hope you all love my cheesy crust pizza experience. I get my mouth watery every time I remember those times yet I crave for more yet I know we must not overeat pizza still can’t help my craving.

Last Updated on November 25, 2021

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  1. Wow, so beautifully written by my talented buddy Sonal. I’m proud of you dear. Keep writing! God bless you ❤️

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