butternut Butternut Squash Curry

This vegan butternut squash curry is the best combo with rice or your favourite chappathis and naans. Are you a strict vegan? There is more to it than what you imagine. So keep eating, stay healthy and live fit. From SONAL MISHRA.

cinnamon Cinnamon fruit biscuit

Cinnamon fruit biscuit comes to be a delicious addition to your evening tea. Enjoy the crunchy biscuit and juicy fruit toppings. An easy to make snack, you can follow this recipe from SONAL MISHRA. Keep munching!!!

This egg stew is what you need for a nutritious breakfast. It is a must for every egg lover. Here we come up with an easy recipe. Enjoy it as we suggest our expert CHEF CINU’s simple recipe.

Immunity booster drink can be prepared in your homes and you can stay healthy. Made from ingredients you have in your kitchen, it is the best when you are on a diet or feeling weak. Enjoy good health from VINIS TASTE HUB

tehri Tehri

Tehri comes to be a wholesome diet delicacy. You can enjoy it in numerous ways. Here we have an easy recipe from our expert chef SONAL MISHRA. Do try it out and let us know how you liked it.