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Yet another, delightful breakfast food, however, French Toast is a misnomer as it is thought to have originated in Rome. This flexible dish also goes by “eggy bread”, “poor knight” and it’s french translation “lost bread” as the dish was originally created using pieces of bread nobody wanted to eat. While French toast is traditionally a sweet dish all around the world, there are those who prepare it with savoury flavours. However, if it’s your first try and you’d like to keep it traditional, top the french toast with fresh fruits. It is known to go particularly well with strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, mangoes, plums, etc.
Other popular toppings include powdered sugar, whipped cream, melted dark chocolate, honey, maple syrup and anything else you desire!


• 3 eggs
• 3/4th cup of milk
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
• A pinch of salt
• Bread
• Butter or vegetable oil
• (Optional)
• A pinch of nutmeg
• A teaspoon of sugar
• Fresh fruits for topping
• Melted chocolate for topping


• First, making the batter. Take a wide, mixing bowl or another container wide enough for the bread to fit. Crack each of the eggs into it
• Although some recipes may say to use only the yolk of the egg, it is perfectly fine to leave the whites of the egg in the batter.

• Pour the required amount of milk into the mixing bowl. Whisk the eggs and the milk together well. Ensure that there are no clumps of egg yolk in the batter.

• The ratio of eggs to milk differs from recipe to recipe. Feel free to keep adjusting the quantity of eggs and milk as you go, especially when increasing the yield of the recipe.

• Carefully measure out the vanilla extract and add it to the milk and eggs. Mix together well. The vanilla extract provides a wonderful aroma to the french toast.

• Add in a pinch of salt to bring out the flavours.

• If you do not plan on adding many sweet toppings, you may add a teaspoon (or two) of sugar to the batter.

• A teaspoon of cinnamon goes a long way and offers a unique, comforting smell and flavour to the french toast.

• A pinch of nutmeg may serve to complement the cinnamon or as a replacement for it. But remember not to go overboard. Check out our food science article on why not.

• Whisk the batter well to evenly combine all the ingredients.

• Now that your batter is prepared, let’s make french toast.

• Place a tablespoon of butter in a pan or skillet and melt it. Spread it around the pan. You may use vegetable oil as a healthier alternative.

• If you are using a fresh, whole loaf of bread, cut it into 1 cm slices.

• Take a slice of bread and dip it into the batter, fully coating each side of it.

• Allow the excess to drip back into the bowl before placing the soaked bread on to the pan. It will be easier for you to do this step using your hands rather than any other utensil like a spatula or fork.

• Let the french toast cook for about a minute on medium heat. Lift it up with a spatula and peek under to see if the bread is light brown. If it is not, allow it to cook for longer. Then flip the toast and repeat with the other side.

• Repeat this with each slice of bread.

Last Updated on October 14, 2021

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