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One of the extensively exhilarating smoothies we’ve had: is a honeydew smoothie! Honeydew melon is an extraordinary component when it comes to smoothies, but this formula will give rise to you in an instant buff. It has a wonderful delicately soft flavour and a foamy composition. It’s hydrating and healthy: and the melon flavour does gleam! Emphasized with a clue of honey and vanilla, it’s awesomely sippable. My mom and I couldn’t stop sipping it. Here’s all about how to make it!

What’s in this honeydew smoothie?

This honeydew smoothie has merely a smattering of decent components that come jointly into a hydrating beverage. Of course, the expert at the concert is the honeydew melon! Mom and I don’t frequently buy it but mom snatched one the other day on an impulse. After we’d consumed a ton of it, we desired a notion for the fragments.

Here’s what to melt up:

Sweet honeydew melon: you’ll utilize about half large

Frozen pineapple: this gives rise to an icy aspect and enables to condense of the melon
Greek yoghurt for creaminess.
Honey or maple syrup to strengthen the sweetness
Vanilla bring barely the straight nuance

A remark on the texture: it’s foamy, not heavy!

Smoothies with melon mainly have a looser composition because melon comes to be pale when it’s stirred. Of course, you could refrigerate melon to get thicker composition: but who has the moment to do that?
This honeydew smoothie arises further foamy than heavy and frigid. But it’s an incredible composition and has just the straight percentage of the trunk! In this recipe, the frozen pineapple enables to condense a little while nonetheless letting the melon gleam through.

Blend it up to customize this honeydew smoothie! Here are a few differences we believed of :

Vegan variation: Utilize coconut milk or your favourite denomination of vegan yoghurt in a spot of Greek yoghurt, and maple syrup in a spot of honey.

Honeydew mint smoothie: put in a few leaves of raw mint into the trunk of the smoothie: it will expand the herbaceous flavour and a further vibrant green colour.

Honeydew cucumber smoothie: put it on an occasional piece of scraped cucumber for a spa-like vibe.

Is honeydew melon prosperous?

Yes! Honeydew melon shows off a legion of fitness usefulness. After surveying these, I’m inclined to sip further of these honeydew smoothies every day! Here are some highlights.

It’s enormous of water and electrolytes. To appropriately hydrate, your physique desires not barely water but electrolytes too. Honeydew melon is about ninety per cent water and comprises electrolytes, particularly potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium.
It’s enormous of Vitamin C, which can reinforce skin fitness. Consuming honeydew melon may benefit healthful husk due to its elevated vitamin C measurement.


• Half big honeydew melon (five cups sliced)
• One-fourth cup of Greek yoghurt (or coconut milk or vegan yoghurt)
• One-fourth cup of frozen pineapple
• One teaspoon of honey (or maple syrup)
• One-fourth teaspoon vanilla extract
• One pinch of kosher salt
• Decoration: mint leaves (or expand them to the smoothie, too!)


• Cut up the honeydew melon. Spot it in the mixture and mix for a few seconds until stirred.
• Put in the last ingredients and blend until a pale green smooth form.
Do let us know your valuable feedback after trying this out!

Till then stay safe and sound.

Last Updated on September 15, 2022

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