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Soup is seasonless. It can be prepared in every season if it is summer, winter or any other. It is the best snack as well as it can be added to your lunch or dinner for a light meal.
My style of soup is something different as I love a soup of mixed veggie and I’m in love with it.
It’s amazingly delicious and also not as much spicy. It is awesome.
Vegetables are good for everyone. It is the best remedy to stay healthy and fine. It can’t harm you.
So today’s recipe is based totally on vegetables and their soup.

We are going to add different veggies and also different spices to it.
Now let’s get prepare it.


• Two freshly chopped squash
• A sliced tomato
• One medium-sized sliced potato
• A bowl of freshly cut gourd
• A bowl of chopped carrots
• Green chilli 2-3
• Garlic 4-5
• Black Pepper and Cumin Powder
• Mustard Seeds Half Scoop
• A pinch of turmeric
• Salt as per your choice
• Maggi Masala 2 Scoop
• Vegetable spices
• Oil 2-3 tsp
• Coriander leaves for garnishing


Now put all these vegetables together in a vessel and keep it to boil. You can also use a pressure cooker instead of a normal pot for boiling, but remember not to let it boil too much.
Now after boiling, take it out in a vessel and mash it completely. And keep it aside.

Now we will prepare our soup.

• Heat a wok and add cooking oil to it. Now add mustard seeds and let them turn slightly black and then add mashed vegetables, reducing the heat.
• Now add salt, two pinches of turmeric, black pepper and cumin powder, mix it well and keep it covered with a plate for five minutes.
• Now remove the lid and add Maggi and vegetable spices and mix it well and after that cook for five more minutes.
• Now add three bowls of water to it. And let it cook well. After getting it cooked. Switch off the flame.
• Remove it from the stove and serve this delicious soup in bowls garnishing it with coriander leaves and have them hot.

It’s amazing and delicious. If you don’t want to take a heavy meal you can make this easy and spicy delicious soup. It will not make your stomach feel heavy and also it will get rid of your hunger.
Try it out, guys. It’s amazing. I’m glad I narrated to you all this recipe. Liquid food is good for health. Although our body needs pulses, grains as well. In cold, we resist drinking lots of water which is crucial by the way. Drinking water is a must which is at least 3-4 litres of water per day.
But as we are humans it’s not possible to maintain this routine daily. Soup is something that can cover the liquid necessity of our body. Do not forget to take liquid food as it is important mostly in cold. You can make a variety of soups with different veggies. Adding it to different spices will change the aroma, as also the preference.
Remember it shouldn’t be highly spiced or have too many chillies because it will harm your stomach and you’ll not feel good at all. So, keep all these things in mind and commence your journey to making a delicious soup.

Last Updated on March 7, 2022

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