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Chilaquiles and Migas are certainly not the same dish, although non Mexicans may often confuse them to be the same. Chilaquile is an authentic Mexican dish, whereas Miga is a Tex-Mex dish. Let’s talk about chilaquiles, in particular, today. The word “chilaquiles” is derived from an ancient word in the Aztec Nahuatl language meaning “chilies and greens”. This cuisine was first originated in Mexico in the year 1898 and then got spread to other countries as well. An all time comfort food of Mexico, Chilaquiles, are fried or cooked corn tortilla pieces that are served having dipped into tomatillo salsa or sprinkled with cheese on the top. There’s a variety of different flavoured salsa that you can sprinkle on the hot sizzling tortilla wedges, whether it’s the regular red, green, beans, chipotle or a spicy five-chilli sauce, everything goes well with them. But, the sauce needs to be rich and well balanced, having a mixture of tanginess, sweetness and a tinch of spice in its taste. To make them crispy, you gotta sauté the tortilla wedges in the frying pan with some oil, until they appear golden brown, then flip a little & let them sizzle well. Thus, you can serve the best platter of chilaquiles in less time.

Afterwards, dipping the chips into sauce can make them soggy, but if you want to avoid that, you may toss the wedges with a little savory sauce and then serve it. People in Central Mexico, usually prefer to have crunchy & crispy tortilla chips, so the salsa is poured onto them after they have been served instead of drenching them in the salsa.
Some popular, original ingredients of chilaquiles include cheese, onions, garlic, radish, chilies, coriander, fresco, sour cream, chorizo, or cilantro. But, nowadays, to make the cuisine more delish and fancy, chefs prefer to add meat balls(most commonly, chicken or beef), scrambled eggs, tofu, avocados and other veggies to it.
In Mexico City, where chilaquile originally belongs to, has got too many restaurants that bring you a plate full of delish chilaquiles, but a few manage to edge out the competition. There are certain restaurants that provide you the most authentic, extraordinary and mouthwatering pieces of Chilaquile wedges.

• At the very famous dining restaurant Rosetta, you will get chilaquiles, doused in a charred red sauce and jocoque (a cream made from fermented milk) at 170 pesos or £7.

• El Cardenal, located in the Mexico City, serves traditional Mexican cuisine through its six branches, surely gives a homely vibe once you enter there. Believe us or not, they are the true specialist in making chilaquiles. Here, they keep the meal in clay pot to keep them warm and crispy. Now, talking about the price, you can get a plate full of salsa dipped Chilaquiles at 120 pesos or £4.5.

• Café Nin- Panadería Rosetta Havre, in Cuauhtémoc district, offers you the chilaquiles combined with a cooked and raw green sauce, epazote, coriander and burrata with a burst of freshness from pieces of nopales at the same price of 120 pesos or £4.5 .

• There’s also a renowned eating place in the Mexico City, Chilpa, where you can get heavenly chilaquiles at 88 pesos or £3, which is quite pocket friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bowl of delectable Chilaquiles and enjoy a fun time with your close ones.

Last Updated on October 26, 2021

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