cabbage Cabbage soup

The perfect diet combo comes to be a cabbage soup with all the goodness of veggies. Healthy, tasty and mouth watering. Enjoy this exceptional diet soup from our expert SONAL MISHRA.

kiwi Kiwi smoothie

The best kiwi smoothie you would ever have tried. A nutritious drink made of healthy and fresh ingredients. Best when you are on a fruit diet. Enjoy slurping the smoothie on hot summer days. This is from our expert SONAL MISHRA

Banana loaf cake that keeps you healthy. An easy preparation from our expert CHEF CINU – KITCHEN DELITES. Try it in your kitchen without any effort.

spring Spring Panzanella

Spring panzanella comes as a salad enriched with the goodness of fresh vegetable ingredients. So here is what you need when you are going all vegan. Enjoy the freshness from recipe by SONAL MISHRA.

lemon Lemon Pound Cake Muffins

These lemon pound cake muffins are the ultimate when it comes to freshly baked muffins. So here comes the easiest recipe you will ever find. Follow SONAL MISHRA and you are sure to discover mouth watering recipes. Go on and enjoy.

honeydew Honeydew smoothie

Try this honeydew smoothie for your summer thirst and health too. Made with fresh ingredients, we have here something you can enjoy anytime of the day. This special recipe from SONAL MISHRA.