fruit punch Fruit Punch

For the summer, here is an exceptional fruit punch recipe from our master chef SONAL MISHRA. Enjoy every drop as drink it. Filled with nutrients and all the health you need.

iced Iced tea

Iced tea for sunny afternoons. A must have if your thirsty from all the heat outside. A recipe you can make in a jiffy. Explore the mix of the ingredients. We have it from SONAL MISHRA

peach The Peach Smoothie

So what’s your choice for a hot summer afternoon? Smoothies, mojitos, or cool drinks? Whatever be your choice, try this enchanting peach smoothie. Sure to quench your thirst, this is one such recipe. And of course, who else rather than SONAL MISHRA can guide you to a healthy summer drink?

pineapple Pineapple smoothie

Here comes an exceptional smoothie to welcome the coming sunny days. Cool for your body, healthy for your mind and tasty for your tastebuds. An easy recipe from our expert SONAL MISHRA

kiwi Kiwi smoothie

The best kiwi smoothie you would ever have tried. A nutritious drink made of healthy and fresh ingredients. Best when you are on a fruit diet. Enjoy slurping the smoothie on hot summer days. This is from our expert SONAL MISHRA

honeydew Honeydew smoothie

Try this honeydew smoothie for your summer thirst and health too. Made with fresh ingredients, we have here something you can enjoy anytime of the day. This special recipe from SONAL MISHRA.