ps Pumpkin Soup

No regular pumpkin soup here. This definitely a tasty one you have not tried before. Follow our instructions and you are ready for a healthy feast. Trust us as we bring this special recipe from our specialist SONAL MISHRA

cream Cream Of Mushroom Soup

This is an exceptional soup. A must have in your bucket list of tasty soups. Healthy bhi tasty bhi. Add it to your diet routine. We bet it comes to be too tempting that you will want it everyday. A masterpiece from SONAL MISHRA.

Immunity booster drink can be prepared in your homes and you can stay healthy. Made from ingredients you have in your kitchen, it is the best when you are on a diet or feeling weak. Enjoy good health from VINIS TASTE HUB

jaggery Jaggery milk tea

Taste this jaggery milk tea and the aroma lingers and the taste buds are tingled. Have this as Sonal has made it for herself. You are sure to enjoy a fresh cup of milk tea with jaggery