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What could be splendid having better than of boosting your overall health meritorious and amazing. In this era, we becoming so fitness freaks and it’s almost people’s major tension. People these days are suffering so much from the roller coaster that they are not even getting proper time to go for workouts. How significant is breakfast in the morn. People are short of time in this run-of-the-mill life.
Utmost of the people leave home without having breakfast in the morning and because of that, there’s a huge impact on their health which they substantially ignore. Some are working, some of them are housewives, some have to study so on. So, today I’m here to make your tension a bit less. It would make your life splendid. As you all would be knowing what’s dry fruits, yeah. My mother suggests this recipe of dry fruit soup and I rejoice to share it with you all. Dear readers, you should try this out.

Ingredients :

• 15-20 Cashew nuts
• 5-6 Dates
• One small bowl of Raisins
• 15 Almonds
• Small piece of Desiccated coconut
• Half bowl Fox nut
• Half bowl of Pistachio
• One Walnut
• One litre of milk.
• One full small bowl of sugar.
• Two-three cardamom.


  1. First of all, grind all these dry fruits together and keep them in a separate vessel.
  2. Then heat milk in a pan and let the milk boil for a while. And slowly add this powdered dry fruit to it and keep mixing it in milk with another hand so that it does not become lumpy.
  3. After adding all the powdered nuts, mix it well and also add two or three cardamoms in it so that they also get cooked well with the dry fruits and give a good aroma.
  4. You have to keep cooking it for 10-15 minutes and keep watching it in between.
  5. When it is cooked, take it off the stove and keep it aside to cool down a bit, because milk may curdle if sugar is added while it is hot.
  6. After it cools down, slowly add sugar and mix and serve this delicious dry fruit soup.

The usefulness of having this luscious snack :

• It is affluent in minerals, proteins and vitamins. It is best to consume breakfast as a snack.
• Consumption of this will amplify power and endurance as well as it will make your digestion satisfactory and also your all-around temperament.
• Raisins are soft that will increase iron strata and your muscles fit keeping the digestion coherent
• Cashews come with sugar and heavy in fibre. Rich in nutrients, it is important for energy yield, intellect fitness, immunity and bone health.
• Almond will lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol and are filled with vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium. It’ll assist in oxygen and nutrients streaming added voluntarily through blood.

So it’s a gentle plea to you’ll dear readers to dwell safe and sound. Please do not take any risk to your precious asset and that is your body. Keep your mind, body and soul healthy and wealthy. And always keep trying digging with different foods of our delicious recipes.

Last Updated on December 9, 2021

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