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There are plenty of numerous recipes for hot chocolate topped with a slight liqueur, but have you ever tasted Amarula Hot Chocolate? I was initially greeted by this Amarula drink during an outing. Our safari mentor at Phinda Reserve would load a breeze of requirements and snacks. And one of those provisions was a variation of drink blends to give rise to “sundowners” or cocktails at the end of our day. We’d sometimes sip gin and potions or other traditional cocktails. But a pellet of Amarula cream in hot chocolate was something fresh and outstanding.


Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It is indistinguishable from something like an Irish Cream but is given rise to with the fruit of the marula tree. The marula fruit is a tiny, delightful, blond citrusy tasting fruit with grains like a rock. The flavour is a little like glint citrus and caramel, which pairs flawlessly with hot chocolate. But it is also delightful over frost.

Now, the marula tree itself has quite a pastime story. Tale has it that elephants would consume the fallen fruit and get sipped off of the fermented sugars. So it’s sometimes named an Elephant tree. But certainly, it would take a ton of fruit to get an elephant tipsy, so it’s only a joy legend. But for us humans, a shot of the Amarula cream intoxicant is just the stuff expected to put up with the edge off of having a lion gaze you instantly in the expression.

What’s it taste like?  Well, it’s smooth like Bailey’s, but a slightly paler and with a subtle citrus flavour. It savours enormous on the stones, or as an expanded flavour in hot chocolate or coffee.  (Personally, when it comes to smooth booze, I think the South Africans have the Irish swat.  Just saying.) You can discover it at most liquor marts in the States.  Just peek for the bottle with an elephant on it.


If you’re hosting a cakewalk or socializing with friends or family, ruffle together the ingredients below:

One package of hot chocolate combination

One tsp granular sugar diets cup of hot water

One-fourth cups of Amarula Liqueur

Pour a package of hot chocolate blend into your favourite mug and stir in the hot water until the blend is melted.

Subsequent, sprinkle a shot or two (roughly one-eighth to one-fourth cup) of Amarula liqueur into the hot chocolate.

Recite those phases for as many Amarula Hot Chocolates as you expect to make. 

Commit it deserted or top off it with marshmallows for pleasure.

Narrating this with you’ll relax me a bit and I  bet you’ll going to enjoy it yeah. It was an amazing experience though also entertained. So yeah enjoy your day make it great. Stay safe and sound fellas. Drop your feedback into the comment section below. We would heartily welcome your opinion as it would be a great deal to us.

Last Updated on October 2, 2023

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