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Since I’m a vegetarian but couldn’t stop myself letting you’ll know this recipe as it is seeming to me to be quite delicious for egg lovers. One of my folk has the best style of narrating something so excitingly and it appealed to me too. Today we are going to make egg paratha but it’s not what you all are imagining. It’s quite different from all those you see. I’m not going to make an egg omelette or anything. Today we have something new and different style of making a tasty dish. So get ready all folks.

Ingredients for filling stuff

• Cooking oil
• Four boiled grated eggs
• Two Tomatoes chopped finely
• Four onions grated
• Ground Garlic 7-8 + ginger a small piece + green chilli paste
• Black paper 4-5 grains
• Vegetable spices
• Ground spices
• Cumin powder
• Turmeric two pinches
• Salt according to your preference.

Ingredients for dough
• Wheat flour two-three bowl and fine flour half bowl
• Three spoons of refined oil
• Half spoon salt
• Two pinch celery
• One bowl of water

Process for making dough:

Take wheat and fine flour (maida) together in a platter and add salt and celery seeds into it and gradually add water to it and start kneading it nicely. Make it a point that the dough should not be too loose or too tight.
After getting kneaded, keep it aside.

Process of making filling stuff:

• Now take a wok and get it heated. Pour oil into it 2-3 scoops.
• Then add ginger, garlic and green chilli paste into it and let it turn golden.
• Then add grated onion into it and salt along with turmeric two pinches. And then cook it until not getting golden. Then add chopped tomatoes.
• Now, start adding the spices into it and cumin powder two pinches and cook it well.
• After it gets cooked, add grated boiled eggs into it and mix it well and cook it nicely.
( Remember we don’t have to add water into it at all. Because we have to make it as stuffing for paratha and so keep it dry.)
• Cook it until it’s dry and smells tasty.
• Now remove the wok from the flame and keep it to cool it down.

Process of making egg paratha:

• Now, take a small piece of dough in your hand and enlarge it a little bit and make a spoonful of the stuffing into it which we have made. Fill it well in the dough, roll it lightly and give it a little big shape. Now heat the pan and cook the paratha on the pan, you can use refined oil or butter if you want.

• Similarly, you have to make the rest of the paratha as well.

• This egg paratha is a usual recipe everyone loves. One of the favourite stuff that can be taken as breakfast or lunch or as your dinner.

• I hope you’ll like this egg paratha recipe dear folks and I’m so happy to narrate this dish to you’ll. It’s tasty and as well as healthy. So what are you waiting for? Try it as soon as you can and taste this amazing dish.

Last Updated on February 3, 2022

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